October 2016

Belonging to the winner!

The media in recent weeks has been full of sport – especially with the Olympics and Paralympics.

Watching sport can have an irrational effect on people’s emotions. Why should we get anxious observing people doing things that are ultimately rather trivial and who don’t really have anything to do with us anyway? Yet as any sports fan will tell you, they feel with the individual or team that they associate with and identify with them to such an extent that they experience stress and tension, almost as if it was them taking part!

Team GB fans who watched Andy Murray’s gold medal encounter with Argentine Juan Martin del Potro in Rio, must have felt something of this. Murray seemed to be doing well early on before del Potro fought back. Double faults and unforced errors from Murray, brilliant shots and an unflagging spirit from his opponent – was Murray now going to lose? In the end, of course, after 4 hours Murray won and was awarded his 2nd gold medal – but that was not obvious all the way through the match.

Just imagine however, if you were to watch a re-run of that final and you knew the result. A keen fan would not get anything like as het up. Things might look bad at times but you know you are supporting the one who ends up winning and that makes the situation so much easier to bear!

That’s the kind of perspective – but in a much more serious context – that the Book of Revelation gives to Christians. The message of the book, that we plan to consider over the weeks running up to Christmas at All Saints’, has at its heart the truth that Jesus is the winner! Whatever the ups and downs of life in this broken world, whatever the apparent setbacks, whatever the opposition we face and the challenges we experience, Jesus will win the ultimate triumph over evil. We can be sure of this for in fact Jesus’ victory has already been won because He died and rose again! Jesus “…has conquered” the book announces (5:5), and one day, when Jesus returns, all evil will be judged and removed and the world will be renewed.

With its symbolism and dramatic language – much based on the Old Testament – the Book of Revelation is a proclamation of the good news of Jesus which gives great encouragement to believers to keep going, holding fast to Jesus, knowing that He is holding on to them as the One who has already won!

Why not come along on Sunday mornings to hear of the significance of this important message to our lives.

Matthew Brailsford

All Saints – Serving our community