September 2017

Rediscovered Treasure

Almost exactly 500 years ago, in the autumn of 1517, a 33 year old German university teacher walked over to the local Castle Church in Wittenburg and nailed a list of 95 statements to the door. Martin Luther was hoping to spark an academic discussion about bad Church practices, but this event has also been seen by historians as igniting the so-called Reformation.

Whilst also associated with political events, the Reformation was essentially a spiritual movement which has had huge effects on many apsects of life, belief and culture throughout Europe and also the world.

This movement of the Holy Spirit brought a rediscovery of truths from the Bible that had been obscured and even lost in the excesses and confusion of the medieval church.

The Reformation era is full of intriguing, inspiring and sometimes distressing stories of key figures, but essentially it was the recovery of precious realities about God and people that are at the heart of what Jesus came to bring. Over Sundays in the autumn at All Saints’ we plan to consider some of these: What is wrong with us? How can we be put right with God? What does it mean for God to be gracious? What difference does God make on Monday mornings?

Those inspired by the Reformation have spoken of the need for “Ongoing Reformation” – not according to the fashions of the day (after all as a 20th century University teacher famously put it “Whoever marries the spirit of this age will find himself a widower in the next”) but reformation such that beliefs and practices are increasingly in accordance with what God has made known in the Bible.

As we face challenges and opportunities here in Ferriby and in the wider church and nation at this time, we are holding a day of prayer in All Saints’ on Monday 25th September between 9am and 3pm and a meeting between 8-9pm, in order to call on God for His ongoing grace and reformation. Why not come and join in?

Matthew Brailsford



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