Who to contact

(All land line numbers are prefixed with area code 01482)

Revd Matthew Brailsford (631306)
20 Aston Hall Drive, North Ferriby, HU14 3EB
To e-mail Revd Brailsford click here

Parish Administrator

Sue Hoggard
All Saints’ Church Office, Parish Hall, 19 Church Road, North Ferriby, HU14 3DA  (635758)
(For wedding & baptism enquiries please contact the church office first.)
To e-mail the Church Office click here

Church Wardens
Adrienne Palmer (632444 )

Nigel Greenfield (633171)

Music Coordinator
Lester Bartlett ( 07814 103240 )

Articles for ‘About Ferriby’ magazine can be submitted by sendign amessage to teh editors or by delivery to our church office in the Parish Hall.

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